A great compilation CD from Russia.
With Star Industry - The Renegade
Release date : december 2015

Confirmed bands.
Das Projekt, Reptyle, Para Bellvm, Grooving In Green, Silent Echo, Malaise, Invading Chapel, Sweet Ermengarde, Sapphire Solace, Hearts Fail, The Realm, Chronique (ex-Chord Of Souls), Star Industry, The Escape, And Then We Fall, Into The Abyss, The Guests, Missionaries From The Outside, Luceed, Dr. Arthur Krause, Fallacious World, Last Dance, Aeon Sable, Opened Paradise, Principe Valiente, Earth Calling Angela, Morbid Poetry, Autumn Of North, Dryland, Rot On On The March...
Probably list no full and may changed.
tracklist later.
Preorder 10 GBP including registered shipping.

Saturday, 21 November, 2015
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